Rabu, 18 November 2009

History of Dota

JoliE joins DTS for SMM, but DTS may have to pull out

» DTS out of SMM? Current H1N1 epidemic may stop DTS from going to SMM

Misery: I'm not sure where Loda was

» Misery expresses his views about the current form of the team and the continued absence of LodA in important matches
Pusher playing at Gamescom 09

'I never shave when we're on a winning spree'

» INTERVIEW: Part 2 of this big but interesting interview with Pusher. If you liked the first part, don't miss the second.
» INTERVIEW: Part 1 of an interview where MeetYourMakers assist Pusher reveals his innermost secrets, his ideas about playing assist and his views about all the DotA players he has played with.

Maelk: 'I don't have the same commitment and love to the game'

» The Danish DotA icon speaks up on recent lineup changes. 'I feel there are games they could/should have won much easier, but didn't because of picks'

Valeur: 'I lack ingame experience a lot'

» INTERVIEW: The unique captain Valeur tells us about his team, his views on DotA and his plans for the upcoming Dreamhack Tournament.

Weekend DotA, Big Bucks: Playdota returns as WinDotA

» Playdota.net is now WinDotA.com with a new ladder system promising better gameplay and cooler prizes.


» IceFrog publishes a mysterious video. Have a look at a possible new hero!

Kael League is back with promises of more prizes and more fun

» The Kael League has been reset with the admins promising better level of gaming and more goodies for the players.

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